Gemmo Rewards Program

We have a simple rewards program.

For every Gemmo you purchase you will get 1 point.
For every 10 points accrued you get 1 
Gemmo free with your next order.


  • Once you have accrued 10 or more points you can redeem your points with your next order in the store with a discount code.
    For example, if you have 15 points, you can redeem 10 points for 1 Gemmo, the remaining 5 points stay with you. 
  • Single Gemmos only. Gemmos in Kits are excluded.
  • The program includes only orders placed after 6/1/2022
  • You cannot redeem more than 30 points at a time.

We will notify you per email if have accrued 10 or more points.