to the wonderful world of Gemmotherapy, allow me to introduce you to my collection of extracts. Each is prepared from an individual native European tree, shrub, or vine that have been honored across cultures for centuries for their gentle healing properties.

I believe

true healing occurs when we are able to meet ourselves exactly where we are on our journey.  That is why I am so passionate about Gemmo Extracts.  Each extract is a maceration of handpicked spring buds meticulously selected at the height of its healing potential.  It is the inclusion of meristem cells (otherwise known as plant stem) cells that deliver support precisely where help is needed. 

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I am sure

you are learning that healing is so much more than eradicating symptoms. Healing is about building resilience. Gemmotherapy extracts support your ability to navigate life’s challenges and be the vital, creative, compassionate being you were born to be. 

Through my personal healing journey and many years as a practitioner I discovered the invaluable role of a well-regulated nervous system.  

Your central and autonomic nervous systems form a dynamic team that receive and relay essential information throughout your body 24/7.  

Your Central Nervous System’s

job is to receive sensory information from the external world. So how you react to noise, light, touch, smells, and tastes are great cues about the state of your system. When you are physically or emotionally overwhelmed or depleted you tend to be sensitive to even pleasing input. Daily micro-doses of a well-matched extract will support a return to a more harmonized response. Here is a great podcast offering fundamental information on the role your nervous system plays in healing. 

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by how Gemmotherapy might support you and your nervous system? The Connect Kit is a great place to start. 

I have personally curated this kit with my favorite extracts to support your Central Nervous System. It is the perfect place to begin your Gemmo journey and create your own relationship with each of these extracts.  

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